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meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
20 Mar 2013
Data movement across Terdata server

Hi Experts,
Please offer your opinion on data movement  across Teradata servers( for e.g. production to Test, TD 14 to TD 12/13 or vice versa) using TTU. If you have to rank the tool/technology from the following in terms of performance and Price how would you  -
1> Archive/Restore through ARCMain
2> TPT
3> FAST export/Fast load

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
21 Mar 2013

I'd rank based on the performance like below -
2> TPT
3> Fast export/Fast Load

meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
22 Mar 2013

Thanks for the response. If possible can you please tell the reason why TPT is fastest on the performace than others.

goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
23 Mar 2013

If the requirements permit it, I usually move data from a backup between systems.  There are usually faster connections to your backup media and the source system is not effected by a Fast Export.  I may be misunderstanding, but I believe TPT would still need to perform a Fast export/Fast load if moving data from one cabinet to another.

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