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Navic 2 posts Joined 07/16
23 Jul 2016
Data migration between 2 different Boxes

Our team is working in migrating data of few databases from one server to another server which are in different locations. Possibality of data movement  through only physical data dump due to some org policies.  
we have Teradata 14
We like to understand is there any way to take DB backup and move to new server and restore DB?
is ther any challenges in restoring data which get dumped to  CSV/txt  files?
if any one gone through simillar activity, what are all the learnings.

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
25 Jul 2016

arcmain dump + arcmain restore / copy should work, but you must take care of things such as if the systems are same version, number of AMPs, etc...
You should review the documentation before starting the process (Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Reference).

Navic 2 posts Joined 07/16
25 Jul 2016

Thanks Carlos,
Teradata Versions are smillar, but Number of AMP's are not same.

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