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RGlass 35 posts Joined 09/04
10 Jul 2009
Cron Scheduling

I'm setting up some arc scripts to refresh a few tables to our Dev Box weekly.Since I'm running these on a Dev node, I want to try using cron as my schedular.The first command works fine but my shell script is not getting submitted.Can someone tell me why?The script executes fine from command line.0 9 * * * rm /home/dba/Refresh/rdf/*.log0 9 * * * /home/dba/Refresh/rdf/cop.kshThanks, TBob

sureshbadam 14 posts Joined 09/07
10 Jul 2009

Crontab works differetly than your command prompt so make sure that you have full path inside when you refer any module.type mail on command prompt and see for the errors.

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