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13 May 2008
Creating Table In Stored Procedure....

Hi All,I need to create the volatile table in the stored procedure. I have written the stored procedure but it is giving following errorStored Procedure :Replace Procedure try( )Begin Create volatile Table try1( roll int) on commit preserve rows;insert into try1 values(4);End;Error :SPL5000:W(L5), E(3807):Object 'try1' does not exist.If anyone knows the solution please tell meThanks in advance

rgs 106 posts Joined 02/07
15 May 2008

It’s not an error code it is a warning ‘W’. It is just telling you that the object did not exist when you compiled the SP. It created the procedure. In your case since the table is being created in the SP the warning can be ignored. In other cases when the table reference is supposed to exist it might mean you did not spell the table name correctly. It is up to you to figure out whether it matters or not to your logic. Maybe a table is created by another procedure. It all depends on how your logic is designed to work.

16 May 2008

Thanks a lot...

elvicio 12 posts Joined 06/13
10 Jul 2013

Thanks a lot.  This helped me as well as I thought i had that many errors.

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