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Ashutosh 1 post Joined 04/13
24 Apr 2013
Creating a table

Hi all,
PLZ look into this query
Create table ptemp.ateds as (
select a.ACCT_I,a.Open_D, a.Clse_D, year(a.clse_d) - year(a.open_d) as dte from pvdata.acct_base as a having a.open_d != null and year(a.Open_D) != 1111 and a.ACCT_I like '%SAV%' order by a.open_d desc) with data
The code works fine without The create table statement but as soon as i run it using the create table statement it shows an error saying something expected between '.' and year.
If i remove all the year statements then the code wirks fine.
Plz heklp me solve this

Thanks, Ashutosh
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Apr 2013

Hi Ashutosh,
this problem pops up all every few days/weeks, the last time was yesterday :-)
Replace YEAR(a.clse_d) with EXTRACT(YEAR FROM a.clse_d)


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