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usmans 39 posts Joined 01/13
06 Feb 2013
Create database and database space concepts

My question is this:
Suppose we have a system having 1 TB of total space.
I have created a database of 500 GB(MAXPERM) and the current perm is 300 GB.
The total effective free space on the system is 700 GB.
Can I create a database having MAXPERM 600 GB or will the system deny me this?
(For the moment let us suppose we don't want a SPOOL_RESERVE as this is just for understanding purposes)
Will the system fulfull my request or will it generate an error?

--Regards Usmans
usmans 39 posts Joined 01/13
26 Mar 2013

Any update on this please?


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
27 Mar 2013

Hi Usmans,
no, you can't.
At least not without reducing the max perm assigned to the 500GB database.
The PERM for a new database/user is always substracted from the database/user in the FROM option.


usmans 39 posts Joined 01/13
10 May 2013

Thanks Dnoeth,
This clears up a lot of confusion and helps me clearing my concepts regarding the space.


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