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aarsh.dave 24 posts Joined 11/12
05 Mar 2013
Crash Code 3701 encountered while creating a volatile table

Hi All,

I am trying to create a volatile table by selecting data from an existing table.

However, when I execute the CREATE TABLE query, I get the following error.

CREATE TABLE failed. Please do not resubmit this query. Crashcode 3701.

How to resolve this?

simhadrijk 18 posts Joined 04/10
06 Mar 2013

Hi aarsh,
In one of the manual i found the following:
3701 Internal error: An unknown error has
Explanation: If this error occurs, an inconsistency
was detected by the Teradata Parser code.
Generated By: MGC, OPT and GEN modules.
For Whom: System Support Representative.
Remedy: Save all relevant information and the dump,
and your support representative.
May be you can try it again to check whether it is really failing or not :)

Jagdish Kumar Simhadri

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
06 Mar 2013

I think you need to open a bug with Teradata support team. The reason it is telling you not to resubmit it because if you run it again teradata will hit the same BUG again and every time until you get the fix from Teradata.


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