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fristy_guy 6 posts Joined 12/07
18 Mar 2009
CPU Skew / IO Skew

Hi,Is there any way i can find out the CPU skew and IO skew of a query from dbql tables. If yes can u tell me which tables and which columns..Thanks in advance.

sachinace 11 posts Joined 09/07
18 Mar 2009

Query select * from dbc.dbqlogtbl where condition client id or timstamp casted with date.You may have to query the history database u created for this for old queries

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
18 Mar 2009

Typical calculation for skew factor is (1 - (AVG/MAX))*100.QryLog has MAX and Total values; to get "AVG", divide total by NumOfActiveAMPs.

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