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foresters.bisc 3 posts Joined 01/12
25 Jan 2012
Copy/Backup Teradata Tables

Is there an easy way to make copies of multiple tables from one Teradata Server.Database to another (either) Teradata Server.Database or SQL Server.Database?  Thanks.

eg. have 20 tables in a TD (Prod environment) database and would like to periodically make backup copies of these to either a TD (Dev env) database - or even a SQL database (if it's easier), in addition we need to add a suffix to each Target table's name (sort of as a timestamp).

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
26 Jan 2012

See Teradata Data Mover. Built to efficiently move data between Teradata systems. Recommended solution if you are doing a lot of this, many tables and repeatedly.

TPT. It can be set up to export from one system and load to another.

ETL tools. The tool is used to drive the process of extracting from the source and applying it to the target.

BAR. Backup the tables on the source system and restore them on the target.

There are a lot of possible solutions, depends a lot on the tools you have available and the volume/frequency that you have to move.

Stefans 38 posts Joined 02/12
17 Feb 2012

The table transfer can be also done through NPARC utility.Please check.....



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