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send2veda 1 post Joined 05/16
16 May 2016
Conversion of Integer to Date Format in Teradata

Hi, Good after nonn!
I have a table having a column Time_1 as integer data dtype and having values 201501, 201405 etc.. How do i convert it any to Date format like 'yyyy-mm-dd'
Basically i need to convert it to use Add_months on it so that i get last 3 months data.
Thanks in Advance..

sakthikrr 53 posts Joined 07/12
16 May 2016

Change it to the Teradata internal date format:

create table temp1
Time_1 integer

insert INTO temp1('201604');
insert INTO temp1('201605');
insert INTO temp1('201606');

select (time_1 - 190000) * 100 + 1 (date) from temp1;



yuvaevergreen 93 posts Joined 07/09
17 May 2016


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