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Sidhharth 5 posts Joined 10/11
10 Oct 2011
Console user/db

Hi Folks,


Can some one tell me regarding the usage of Console user/db in Teradata ?



Strickers 6 posts Joined 08/14
14 Oct 2014

Does anyone have an answer for this? I'm also looking for the same for the following default users:






The manual doesn't cover explaining each individual default system account.

Strickers 6 posts Joined 08/14
14 Oct 2014

The CONSOLE answer can be found in the Viewpoint Config Guide:

Heps 2 posts Joined 09/12
14 Oct 2014

Hi Strickers,
the Database Administration manual states the following for TDPUSER:
"Internal username; used by the Teradata Database to support two phase
commit (2PC) transaction protocol. Defined with no PERM
For more information, see “2-Phase Commit (2PC) Protocol” on page 222 or Teradata Director Program Reference."
Hope that helps,


Strickers 6 posts Joined 08/14
17 Aug 2016

Hi Heps,
What ever happened to this?

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