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trying_to_learn 14 posts Joined 08/06
04 Aug 2006
Connecting between Different Boxes

I am trying to join two tables which are located in two different boxes. Ex: I am working on a table called Employee that is available in Development box and I need to join it to Department table which is on Production box. I don't want to ask some one to copy Department table to my Development box. I am having select permission over the Production box. Can any one help me?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
04 Aug 2006

There is no "built in" support for joining between two Teradata systems. In V2R6.1 you may be able to simulate this by writing an external table function to access the other system.

abhijitvyas 51 posts Joined 08/06
04 Aug 2006

Yeah we can not Join the Tables located in different Boxes. If the Table is not that Big you can also copy to Dev Box Through queryman that is indeed a good option for small Tables otherwise you can write Fexport and then Fload it to the Dev.

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