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01 Jan 2014
Comparison between DBQL AMPCPUTime and ResUsage CPU times

Hi, I have put together a dashboard showing all the AMPCPUTime consumed by our various workloads based on the data from the DBQL LOG table column, AMPCPUTime. I want to add the Idle time into this so that management get an accurate picture of what is going on the system.
The only place I can seem to find any reference to Idle CPU is in the Resusage tables (SPMA or SCPU). The issue I have is that when i look at the total AMPCPUTime for a particular day - around 660,000 cpu secs, this doesn't match with what either of these Resusage tables show as total CPU Busy Time (CPUIOWait+CPUUExec+CPUUServ) - around 1,800,000,000 secs for the same day!
Is there any correlation between DBQL APMCPUTime and the Resusage CPU times?
If not, is there anyway to work out the CPU Idle time, using the DBQL tables, as I need the workload breakdown?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
01 Jan 2014

Hi Mark,
I am not strong in this area. However, I can see this link which provides directions and suggestions.

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