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mihirdhakan93 14 posts Joined 04/15
15 Oct 2015
Comparing Two Environment

I need to write a Stored Procedure to compare two Environment's(eg. Dev1_stg with Dev12_stg) Tables, Stored Procedure, UDF, Especially Views. Can any one suggest how can i approach this concept in Stored Procedure? 
I am able to do this comparison for Tables, using Dbc.ColumnsV. but for Stored Procedures, Views?

dins2k2 51 posts Joined 05/13
20 Oct 2015

There is a column named TableKind in dbc.tables which tells you what kind of object(eg: Table, View, Procedure, Macro, etc). You can use this column to compare the all kind of objects in the database. Below link for your reference.


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