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02 Aug 2016
Comparing current column with next column and generating values dynamically
id|MainVal|st_tm|end_tm|subval1|st_tm|end_tm|subval2|s t_tm|End_tm|subval3|st_tm|end_tm
01|xxx    |07:30|16:00 |aaa    |12:00|12:30 |bbb    |13:00|14:00 |null   |null |null
02|yyy    |07:30|16:00 |aaa    |13:00|14:30 |null   |null |null  |null   |null |null
03|zzz    |08:00|17:00 |aaa    |08:00|14:30 |ccc    |12:30|13:00 |ddd    |15:00|16:30

id|st_tm1|val1|st_tm2|val2|st_tm3|val3|st_tm4|val4|st_ tm5|val5|st_tm6|val6|st_tm7|val7
01|07:30 |xxx |12:00 |aaa |12:30 |xxx |13:00 |bbb |14:00 |xxx |16:00 |null|null |null
02|07:30 |yyy |13:00 |aaa |14:30 |yyy |16:00 |null|null  |null|null  |null|null |null
03|08:00 |aaa |12:30 |ccc |13:00 |aaa |14:30 |zzz |15:00 |ddd |16:30 |zzz |17:00|null

Hi All,
i have a scenario like below.
A table has values like main value and sub values with respective start and end time. wherever the gaps in the time for subvalues i have to fill up with main value.
The process happens within the same row by comparing subsequent columns.
Is there any way to achive this in SQL?

NewbieTD 25 posts Joined 05/13
04 Aug 2016

Hi All,
Any input on this. Is there any way to do it in sql.
Please help to solve this. Thanks in advance .

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