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22 Nov 2005
Comparing COLLECT STATS/INDEXES/DDL between Databases

Hi All,We have two databases (DEV_RETAIL and TEST_RETAIL) used for different loads in the same Teradata Box. Different people are using these environments and before promoting the stuff from DEV_RETAIL to TEST_RETAIL to Production, i would like to make sure that all the below items are exactly matching between DEV and TEST.1. DDL2. Indexed (Primary,Secondary etc)3. StatisticsCan we do all of the above by accessing DBC tables? Also, how can i achieve this, if the databases are across two Teradata machines?ThanksVenkat Rao

Venkata...r.Veluri 1 post Joined 10/06
24 Oct 2006

Hi,I'm new to this software and i've been using these tools earlier but i'm not sure whether TOAD and DBArtisan Compatible with Teradata ? Thanks for your time and co-operation.Regards

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