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Sunnyguy 2 posts Joined 08/11
16 Aug 2011
Compare two database Tables, row count in each table which are in different servers

Hi All,
Please help me, we recently implemented new production box which is replica of old production box
now our management want to compare the tables and row count on old and new boxes for each database.
what is the best way to do this.

Is there any sql script that will pull all the tables and row count from old box first and again new box.

Thanks Advance.

RMCOMP1 2 posts Joined 09/12
29 Sep 2012

Hello. Have you had any luck with your post from 16-Aug-2011? I am running into the same situation and would like to know if you found a solution.

jamesl 3 posts Joined 04/13
01 Sep 2013

In Oracle, TOAD has a feature that can compare 2 schema (or Databases in Teradata's term) (local and/or remote) of all objects DDL definitions (columns presision, indexes, constraints PK,FK .. whole 9 yards) AND gererate a big alter DDL scripts that can make these 2 schema logically matching.
Is there any comercially availabe tools for Teradata can do the same thing too ? if anyone can point us the URL and priceing will be greatly appreciated.
Or 2nd chose will be that ... if there is any utility Macro or storeproc that we can download to perform this task will be also great too, (this may be a better option for technical person, then he can custimize or even improve upon it)
Thanks in advance.


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
12 Sep 2013

The suisse army knife for Teradata DBAs and developers is AtanaSuite :-)
The DeltaTool is all you need, it's included in all versions but Essential.


hagedorn 11 posts Joined 04/10
22 Jan 2015

Yep, if we had AtanaSuite but many do not.

goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
23 Jan 2015

wow... a response like that almost a year and a half later... gave me a good belly laugh!  :)

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