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06 May 2015

Below is the statement that is a part of a stored procedure.
SET NOTNULLKEYLIST=' COALESCE('||OREPLACE(pkcollist,',',',''-1'') ,COALESCE(')||',''-1'') ';
pkcollist is a paramater passed to the Stored Procedure that contains a the names of the fields separated by commas. pkcollist can contain fileds of any data type. 
Say I pass the patameter as 'APPLICATION_NUM, ORDER_NB' , since both are integers, it doesnt throw an error. But if I pass the parameter as 'APPLICATION_NUM, ORDER_NB,EVENT_DATE' it fails throwing an error 'Datatype Mismatch in THEN/ELSE expression.'
I need to use a generic COALESCE function that can handle any data type. Can someone help me with this.

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