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23 Mar 2006
command line

Does anyone know how to submit backups from a command line.I googled and saw the text below from Jose. I need to wait for the Arcmain return code. Is there any documentation on how to do this?Thanks for any help.JonThe only problem with the "command line option" is that it will submit the job and then finish immediately, without waiting for the Arcmain return code. So, you can not use this approach if you're planning to use that command lie from your job scheduler to build dependencies between jobs.There's a workaround though, you will still need to use the windows GUI to create your bch and scr files, then ftp them to the machine where Arcmain and the tdbackex utility reside and generate the Arcmain command line, using the IOPARM and IOMODULE to specify the exact target or source of your backup. It's ugly, but it works fine.Jose Lora

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