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Aganediwal 1 post Joined 09/16
07 Sep 2016
Collect Stats with insert statement

Hi all,
I am using below two statements to create table and insert some data from an existing table.
Is there a way in which stats will be automatically collected after insert statement completes or a third statement of manually collecting stats is the only way ?
Can something be included with Insert statement to collect the stats ?
1)  CT Database2.Table_name as Database1.Table_name with no data and stats;
2)  Insert into Database2.Table_name sel * from Database1.Table_name where condition;

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
07 Sep 2016

A third statement for collecting stats is required.

Abhishek Jadhav

Srinivas_tera 5 posts Joined 12/11
08 Sep 2016

STATS are not automatically refreshed, you need a third statement.
When you create a table with no data and stats, the stats will be defined as per the original table with zero stats.


kirthi 65 posts Joined 02/12
08 Sep 2016

May be you can copy stats from source table if updated stats are already present in that table and you are loading entire records with out a where clause. 
COLLECT STATS ON  Database2.Table_name FROM Database1.Table_name;

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