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05 Aug 2014
collect stats statement failure because of spool space

What could be the reason for a collect stats statement failure on a single column because of spool space (In a enough spool env. )?
Also on execution on Collect stats statement what Teradata DB does internally on Vprocs & Vdisks ?
Thanks in Advance .


12 Aug 2014

Hi Nagendra,
It depend on various parameter
1.What is the spool space allocated to the user X with which you are trying to run and how many
numebr of Amsps u have for Teradata Box.?
2. At the time when u are running the collect stats with user X, is someone else or batch job with the same user X running some SQL/extract on the box.   
3. If you have enough spool space try running the stats in a quiet period.
4. Also what is the size of the table where u r trying to collect the stats...If it is a very BIG table
then it will consume more spool space.

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