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manne 5 posts Joined 06/05
17 Jul 2006
Collect Stats on Global Temporary Table

Hi All,According to manuals, we can collect statistics on global Temporary table.I tried collecting statistics on an materialized/populated Gloabal Temporary table, But Teradata is throwing the following error message5343:This statement is not allowed when the target temporary table is already materialized.I wanted to know, how can we collect stats on a populated Temorary table; If we cannot what is the use of collectinig stats on an empty Temporary tableThanks in Advance

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Jul 2006

Hi Manne,MessagesChapter 6: Teradata Database Messages5000-Series Messages"5343 This statement is not allowed when thetarget temporary table is already materialized.Explanation: The user cannot submit any statementthat changes the definition of a base temporary tablewhen there is a materialized instance of that base temporarytable either locally in the current session or inany other sessions.Generated By: RES modules.For Whom: End User.Remedy: Wait until the target table is not referencedby any session then resubmit the request."If you submit a "collect stats" without the keyword temporary, then it's on the base table. When it's materialized you can recollect by simply submitting "collect stats on temporary my_table".If you want to collect on your materialized version use "collect stats on temporary my_table column xy".Dieter


Tera-Jagan 2 posts Joined 07/13
04 Jul 2013

Yes Dieter I agree that above stetement what you mentioned like "collect stats on temporary my_table".
but let me know any alternate way to collect stats on the table with out using the above statement like "collect stats on temporary my_table".
Thanks in advance Dieter

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