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marius 21 posts Joined 09/05
26 Feb 2008
Cloning a user including access rights

Hi,We need to change the format of all our usernames and there are many usernames/userids.Does anyone have scripts or macro's that can be used to automate/simplify creating a new user with the same access rights and privileges as another user.Thnx,Marius

irfan098 10 posts Joined 07/11
16 Jun 2013

Hi ,
Is there any method to make a clone of a user. Different names but the access and privilage be the same?

cnaveen05 6 posts Joined 12/12
10 Jul 2013

Are you using ROLES to assign access to individual users or doing it one at a time? Using roles you would just have to give the access once and align all the users to the ROLE.

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