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05 Nov 2014
ClientConnectionType in dbc.Logonoffv

I have made query to check some information about the PE's used on the system at a customer:


ifpno AS PE_Number
,CASE WHEN clientconnectiontype = 1 THEN 'TCP/IP' WHEN clientconnectiontype = 2 THEN 'Channel connect ' ELSE 'Unknown' END AS ClientConnectionType
,MIN(logdate) AS Begin_Logging_Dt
,MAX(logdate) AS End_Logging_Dt
,COUNT(sessionno) AS Number_Of_Sessions  
FROM dbc.logonoffv
GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5

My problem is that I have an "Unknown" in my ClientConnectionType which is because the value of the field clientconnectiontype is 0.
The documentation (Data Dictionary) states that there are 2 possible values, 1 or 2. So what is the value of 0 ?
When I look at the data for this clientconnectiontype = 0, I notice that this the IFPNO is always 2048. The username can be one of: VIEWPOINT, DBC, TDWM, CRASHDUMPS, DBSSETUPDBA.
The LogicalHostId is always 0.
Does anyone have more information regarding this ?

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