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p2mcdon1 1 post Joined 01/14
23 Sep 2015
Checking Table Access Rights for Users Connected via LDAP

I was wondering if there was a query to enumerate all the databases/tables to which I have access, given I have logged on via LDAP.  The results of querying the X Views, such as dbc.DatabasesVX and dbc.TablesVX do not show all of the databases and tables I have access to, so it would seem a more complex solution would be required.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

gskaushik 56 posts Joined 09/10
26 Sep 2015

Hi p2mcdon1
All the users are recorded within DBC.USERS
If you want to understand what are the role asssigned you can use DBC.Rolemembers
All the access rights for a role is avaialble in DBC.Allrolerights
Note :- Accesstype would be a two letter word need to refer to manual for complete descripiton.
If you have assigned the rights directly to an user then refer to DBC.Accessrights

Subramanian kaushik Gurumoorthy

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