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Alsallam 9 posts Joined 04/15
21 Apr 2015
Check for Dummy data (String comparison)

I have a table 'RAW_AML_ACCOUNT_JUN' which has 'ACCT_FIRST_NAME' field. I would like to check if there is any dummy data in the first name. for example:


Or if there are digits in the name (0 to 9)

Or if there are strange name like: zzzzzzzjohn
I want to see all results whether the comarison string = the whole value of the first name of partial. can someone help?

jnevill 17 posts Joined 03/12
21 Apr 2015

You could use the following to return records that contain ONLY alpha characters:


As for you `zzzzzzzzjohn` example... Without a rule for identifying strange first names, I can't imagine there is anything you can do here. 

Alsallam 9 posts Joined 04/15
21 Apr 2015

Fair enough, that works fine, i also used
thank you for your help

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