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Kavya2007 12 posts Joined 09/06
13 Oct 2006
Changing date Format

Hello Friends, Can u help solve this? Question is Add another column to the same table as 'date_2' with data type DATE and update this column with date_1 column you need to change date_1 9/21/2005 to 2005-09-21 and populate in date_2 Thanks

Kavya2007 12 posts Joined 09/06
14 Oct 2006

Thanks Durrani, i will try based on what u said.

RGlass 35 posts Joined 09/04
16 Oct 2006

Kavya,You could alter table to add date_2 format 'YYYY-MM-DD', then update this with column date_1 data.If you really only need one date column in the end,just alter the existing columns format -- alter table add date_1 format'YYYY-MM-DD'Bob

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