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18 Sep 2013
Challenges in migrating from Informix to Teradata 13

We are working on a solution of migrating a datawarehouse from Informix to Teradata. We are looking for what can be the high level challenges while this migration - specifically from Physical Modeling perspective (we need to take care of the PI,PPI,JIs etc.) - anything else- a best practice guideline will help immensely. Also any other challenges like incompatible data types etc.
A direction to some best practice guidelines or any personal experience will be helpful

Thanks, Anirban
Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
19 Sep 2013

Hi Anirban,


I think you are talking about Informix Dynamic.


When we migrate from one db to another, we make sure that the functionalities remain the same.


One has to know the features of both source and target DBs.


Data type matching, Procedures, functions, macros, exception handling. Operating systems on which the DBs work. How do you represent Unicode, Latin from Informix. How to migrate large objects like BLOB,CLOB,LOB etc. Max columns per row, max column name size etc are different say in informix and Teradata. JIs how to replicate in informix. Indexes are the pain areas you may face, provided in informix db , all features of indexes are implemented :). There are so many things to tell :).


In terms of PPI,  I am not pretty sure if Informix has columnar partitioning or not. But yes, you can see range, case  single level and multilevel. Access level control etc.




In terms of modeling, I dont see much changes excepting that Teradata has UPI,NUPI,USI, NUSI and of course PK, FK are also there.





Raja K Thaw
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