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16 Aug 2016
Caught an error when update GRAPHIC column

I tried to update a GRAPHIC column with suggested GRAPHIC string literal format, but caught errors.
First, I tried the format G'<xxx>' in the value, for example:
update test_table set graphic_column=G'<A>' where id=1;
I received the error "Executed as Single statement.  Failed [3965 : HY000] The GRAPHIC string literal is not supported for the current character set. ".
I googled the error and was told that this G'<xxx>' is only supported in a Kanji IBM platform. The document suggested that if the current character set is other that one of the IBM Kanji character sets, the hexadecimal graphic form should be used, e.g.: 'xxx'XG) instead of a GRAPHIC string literal. Accordingly I changed my SQL query to:
update test_table set graphic_column='A'XG where id=1;
However, I received the complaint on the syntax. The Teradata Studio doesn't like this format 'A'XG. It thinks that the "G" is not right keyword after the "X".
Can someone help me? Thanks.

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