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20 Jan 2015
Capture Query transfer volume

Is there anywhere that captures the volume (i.e. MB, GB) of data prodcued by a query, that is then sent back to the client.  In the query logs we can see the query execution times and the number of rows returned as well as the IO count, but is there a measure of data volume that is returned to the customer ?
Once the query execution completes, that's the end of it in the query logs, however the session is still in a responding state returning data to the client.  I can see the responding state in Viewpoint rewind, however is this logged anywhere in the database that shows the responding state either for the query of the session ?
We are running on TD 13.10 with TTU 13.10

Steven Schmid Teradata DBA Canberra, Australia
Tuen 44 posts Joined 07/05
24 Jan 2015

as far as being able to see volume of data being produced by a query, no, that isn't doable that I have seen.  You can look at the resusage tables to see overall volume of data being sent out of a particular node/network device, but not down to the individual query.
I'm not sure about the last part of your question, are you wanting to see what sql was run for the query that is in the responding state?  once it hits responding state i don't think there is anything there that maintains the SQL that was submitted, but you can look at DBQL once it gets written to the that log to see what query was executed.  You might be able to use the TASM SQL API's to see   (monitorsql but need to get the required informatoin from monitorsession first) but since that would likely have the same data as what viewpoint sees that might not work.

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