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barni07 8 posts Joined 02/06
16 Mar 2006
Can't connect to Teradata

Hi. I have installed the Teradata 7 Demo Database.I just can't do anything!!What can I do? How can I create a Database and tables and run a query?I've tried using the BTEQ program. I type .logon localhost/box; (I wrote this in my hosts file: localhost boxBut it asks for a password. What's the password?! I've never set the password here!! It always says *** CLI error: CLI2: BADLOGON(303): Invalid logon string.Any help? Thank you!!

Renato Dba 5 posts Joined 02/06
17 Mar 2006

Hi,if I understood its question, when you install the teradata DEMO, the using standard is the DBC and the password is the same one. After Logon, create another user and modifies the password of the DBC. Regards,

barni07 8 posts Joined 02/06
20 Mar 2006

Thank you. Now i'm able to log on. I hadn't installed the Demo, so I didn't have the Teradata Service Control and I couldn't start the database. Once I did that, I logged on as you said, with dbc, dbc.Thanks!

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