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Anyuta 5 posts Joined 03/10
26 Mar 2010
Cannot start db :(

Hi everyone,

I couldn't get my db started after I rebooted my host. I get this error:

PDE not accessible: Cannot open PDE device

What does it mean and how to fix it?

I had to reboot the hosts because it wouldn't let me login to BTEQ, said that DBS crashed or something.

But before that the database was up in RUN/STARTED state. And DBS was in state 5.

And now it won't start :((((

Any ideas??

Thanks a lot!!

StevenHanes 5 posts Joined 07/10
21 Jun 2012

I had the same problem today.  My host froze up and I had to power it down without being able to shutdown my Teradata Express VM gracefully.

This worked for me.

/etc/init.d/tpa stop

rm /var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/PanicLoopDetected <= said to rm this file in /var/log/messages

/etc/init.d/tpa start

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