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vldbfanatic 1 post Joined 01/10
20 Jan 2010
Cannot install Teradata Express 13 under Windows XP

I have just downloaded Teradata Express 13 but I am unable to install it. I downloaded Teradata_Express_130.exe. When I click it then it starts to unzip. It finishes successfully. When it is unzipped and I click Setup.exe to install Teradata Express it doesn't respond to me. The only sign that something is going on is my harddisk that is little bit noisy. Nevertheless I can't see any open windows to proceed my installation.

chownc 4 posts Joined 02/10
22 Feb 2010

I'm having the same issue. Any luck finding a fix??

chownc 4 posts Joined 02/10
23 Feb 2010

Give this a try...

21 Sep 2013

Can anyone tell, from where I should download Teradata_Express_130.exe. 

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
22 Sep 2013

You can download all the TD related softwares from this link.


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