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08 Apr 2014
Cannot connect to AWS Teradata Instance

So a while back (Nov 2013) I got an AWS instance up and running that I was able to connect to it and pull data from it and so on. Since then, it got shut down as it wasn't being used for a time, and when I fired it back up, everything seems okay from the EC2 Management Console and both status checks pass, but when I try to ping the public DNS / public IP, I am unable to make a connection. 
Has anyone every had this happen and/or know how to fix it?

seanc 7 posts Joined 09/13
17 Apr 2014


smazingo 3 posts Joined 04/09
22 Apr 2014

one thing to check if this isn't working is the security groups launch wizard for your instance in EC2. You need to have the various inbound ports set up  80, 1025,  8080, 22, 443. If it's not obvious how to set them up, look at the other launch wizards to see how they are set up. 

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