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janthony 9 posts Joined 02/10
13 Aug 2013
Can we use position function in stored procedure

Hi ..
Can we use POSITION function in stored procedure ?
It gave error when I try to use this function , probably because Stored Procedure itself contains POSITION keyword !!
Actually I wanted to see if particular character is present in the string and need to follow few steps depending on the criteria..

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
13 Aug 2013

Of course you can.
Is it part of the SPL code or within a SQL?
Could you show what you did so far?


janthony 9 posts Joined 02/10
13 Aug 2013

Dieter ,
My mistake , there was some issue the way I was using in
SQL ( Select POSITION('' in fieldname) into variable from table )
and as part of SPL Code ( IF position('',variable) = 0 THEN )
I corrected and its working both ways .. Thanks for the response

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