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arpanm 3 posts Joined 03/12
03 May 2012
Can not find alternative of replace function in TD SQL query

I have some ORACLE SQL query which I need to convert to Teradata compatible.

I am using teradata DB version 13.10.

The query used the replace function but in teradata there is no replace function in teradata. And also I saw if I can install the UDF utility then I can get the Oracle functions. Like oReplace.

But the problem is I do not have any access to install things in DB or also it is difficult for me to contact the DBA out there.


The query in oracle -- 

select  replace(replace(strvalue,'--Major',''),'--Mainor','') as MyValue from TableName where startdate > 'somedate'



Can you help me converting this query to TD compatible.


Thanks in advance.




--- Thanks, Arpan
Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
03 May 2012

I can't help you with 13.10, but it may interest you to know that 14.0 has implemented OREPLACE and many other Oracle-like functions as built-in functions.


Chandrashekarks 11 posts Joined 11/10
06 May 2012

Hi, I think need to go with CASE statmnt in td 13.

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