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msm_td 1 post Joined 08/11
22 Aug 2011
Calling a Teradata stored procedures from SSIS through execute SQL task!

Hi, im currently facing some issue while invoking a stored procedure which is written in TERADATA and which has got one input paramater from ssis package.
i have defined input paramters in the execute sql task, but still its throwing some error. At the same time if i execute the stored procedure with the input as hardcoded, it works using OLEDB connection in order to execute the same. Any help on this would be great.
Thanks in advance.

fg255000 9 posts Joined 03/11
01 Oct 2011

Hi, im having probles to execute a store procedure teradata with parameters too, if you could solve this problems please share your results.

im working with "Execute Sql Task", what i want  do do is something like


if i execute something like

sqlstatement: CALL SP_PRUEBA('par1','par2'); it works fine

but when i try to put some parameters i get the next error:

failed with the following error: "[Teradata Database] [3940] A SQL command cannot contain both host variables and parameter tokens.".


Apreciate any help.


jerboa 10 posts Joined 04/12
22 May 2012


Hello everyone!

I can't create stored procedure which will execute (call) other existing stored procedures.

Can somebody help me?

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