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tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
15 Feb 2011
Bynet Protocol Emulation

Not sure if this is the right forum, especially since I don't see a lot of hardware or configuration-related things getting discussed on these forums, so appologies in advance.

The Teradata specs show that Bynet Protocol Emulation (BPE) over Ethernet is supported under Linux. It doesn't mention BPE under Windows, however. (I'm looking at Teradata Express here, which I know isn't reconfigurable, etc, but I'm asking from a techincal standpoint) Under TD Express on Linux, it's pretty easy to read through the init.d script and figure out how to get BPE configured, and indeed, you can put it in that mode and everything will run (not that it'll do you a lot of good, but it works...). But, on the latest Windows TD Express 13.0, if you install Bynet manually, you'll be presented with an option to install it in SMP, BPE, or MPP modes. If you install it in BPE Mode, Teradata will never start, and bllistat -n will show nothing in the pma_list or host_list.

So, the questions are, first, does BPE work on Windows *at all*? I'd be inclined to guess yes (though unsupported), as otherwise why would the installer have been built with installing it in that mode as an option at all? Second, does anyone here know how to configure it in Windows, and would be willing to give a hint at how?

Many thanks in advance!!

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
16 Feb 2011

The answer is probably no, but the question is really moot.

The MPP systems that ship with Ethernet instead of the physical Bynet are all in the appliance series (e.g. 2xxx), which are exclusively Linux.

Teradata Express Edition runs only on single-node (SMP) platforms. SMP systems don't have any need for a hardware physical link layer. Bynet SMP mode emulates the physical link layer on those platforms.

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