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VinnyVally 5 posts Joined 11/15
08 Feb 2016
BTEQ hangs for large BTEQ file


Very basically, I have a BTEQ file that is 61,580 bytes. After running in circles for a short while, I have found that any BTEQ up to and including 61,440 bytes runs no problem, whilst anything over that just hangs indefinitely. Of course a simple fix is to reduce the file size ever so slightly, but that is not an option.

I've searched online and thought that the issue might be related to MaxParseTreeSeg in the dbscontrol, however I have increased this from 4000 up to 8000 and it hasn't solved the issue.

Any help regarding this fault is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

VinnyVally 5 posts Joined 11/15
01 Mar 2016


After having come across the above issue again (this time with a file much larger than the 61k limit we seem to have) I've discovered that the BTEQ appears to run correctly when run from the command line manually. If the BTEQ is however run with the exact same command line command, but from a shell script (ksh), it appears to hang indefinitely.

I will still be looking for a solution to this odd issue and should I find it I will update this post with the answer.

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
06 Mar 2016

How are you processing the BTEQ file? Doesn't seem to be a BTEQ issue rather perhaps the shell issue perhaps.

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