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nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
10 Jan 2008
BteQ - DBS Crashed

HiI get the following error when I'm trying to login to our dev box through BTEQ:*** Warning: DBS CRASHED OR SESSIONS RESET. RECOVERY IN PROGRESS> I've the following entries in my hosts file: devtd01cop1I also tried the following: devtd01cop1.newsabc.comAm I missing anything else here?Thanks

leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
11 Jan 2008

Probably the teradata System is Not Running or is Restarted when you tried to submit a requet/logon to the system. Once the system is completely operational/restarted completely(quiescent), all your pendng transactions will be recovered and will run till completion. If problem still persist and DBS restart takes a while, contact your systems administrator for help

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