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logc 34 posts Joined 09/05
09 May 2011
Block Level Compression on an existing table

Does anyone know if it's possible to block level compress and exisiting table without creating a new table and inserting into? If so, a syntax example would be much appreciated.


MK183200 3 posts Joined 03/11
09 May 2011

If the table already contains rows, you need to use the Ferret utility to compress or uncompress it.

If the table is empty, you control the compression behaviour by query banding on the first insert (provided the DBC compression switches have been set accordingly):
set query_band = 'blockcompression=yes;' for session; --(or for transaction)

Regards Michael

Regards µX

logc 34 posts Joined 09/05
09 May 2011

Great, thank you. Looks like I need to take a look at the ferret utility. Thanks again.

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