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teradatatester 69 posts Joined 01/10
28 Oct 2011
Best practice for backing up Teradata Table Structures (DLLs)?

What is the best practice for backing up all Teradata table structures and view structures?

Can it be done without using a stored procedure or UDF?


Is there an simplier way than submitting the following statements for every for database spaces?

SHOW TABLE databaseName.tableName;

SHOW VIEW databaseName.viewName;

teradatatester 69 posts Joined 01/10
01 Nov 2011

With a Netezza database I run one job and all the tables structures are backup to a file. Does Teradata have anything similar?

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
23 Nov 2011

Teradata's backup facility performing a dictionary/DBC backup is the appropriate way to back up and be able to restore all structures in the database. It will capture not only the objects but also access rights, logging settings,...

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