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25 Jul 2007
bat file that captures status of a bteq

all,can some one provide a small example of how to capture the status of a bteq in a windows batch file.***batchfile****@echo onecho started batch filestatus ( bteq < samplebteq.txt) // i am calling the bteq which resides in a fileecho statusI could do this in UNIX but could not do this in windows batch.i appreciate your helpThanks

foxbat 27 posts Joined 06/07
27 Jul 2007

Try the %ERRORLEVEL% variable as shown below.***batchfile****@echo onecho started batch filebteq < samplebteq.txtecho %ERRORLEVEL%And here's a URL that you might find useful for DOS batch commands.,Marcus Joseph

27 Jul 2007

Thanks Marcusi will try it!

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