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30 Oct 2014
Basic analysis when analyzing a query

When tuning a query, you need some basic info. However, if the query is complex and the views used are comples it is time consuming to find all underlying tables, then run help stats on each..look at joins etc.
Is there a script which will-
1. The script will get description of the view, no of row views will pull up.
2. This script runs show table, help stats, select count and an amp usage for a table, what indexes are available, are stats current, how many unique values are there, how many rows in the table, is the table well ditributed, or is there a hot-amp. etc.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
30 Oct 2014

Specific to requirements, I don't think or maybe if someone can share. We can develop solutions as per specific requirements on top of tools, utilities. I remember for one of the clients, where we developed lots of automation scripts and really it is cost-saving, time-saving. They are scripts purely driven by internal requirements.

But most of these infos , you can get from tools :)

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