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15 Oct 2013
Backup & Restore

Hi All,
question is where is the table structure information is stored in dictonary tables ?
as per the database adminstration manual,cluster archive will not archive dictonary rows but will archive table structure, is table structure is not stored in data dictonary tables ? where as all-amp archives dictonary rows , but can not restore table with creating it if table doesnot exist( which in case was dropped).how can i restore a table.
from the manual, copy command can be used to resotre the table with table structure but the structure should exist in other or same database/user right ?
can one of  you please clear my doubt .
thanks for ur time .

Adharssh 36 posts Joined 08/13
16 Oct 2013

The Table structure will be stored in DBC.TABLES.


Thanks & Regards,
Adharssh Hospet Srinivasa Rao.

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