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06 Dec 2013
backup or archive command

Does Teradata DBMS have a command-line function for creating offline backups, something roughly equivalent to "pg_dump" for Postgres or "mysqldump" for MySQL ?

Or perhaps a GUI-based backup, like right-clicking a database name in SQL Server Management Studio?

Thank you.

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06 Dec 2013



Backups and recovery are the strong points of Teradata. You can dump and restore data, with many check conditions  as per your requirements.


Unlike other vendors that I worked before , here it is having umpteen advanced  features.


Restore DATA TABLES (abc) ALL....Restartability of archiving is robust. 


Few commands that I know are Rollback, rollforward,restore,logdata, enable encryption, copy,checpoint,build,archive,analyze,release lock etc.


It helps in DR plan.


Hope it helps.




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