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23 Jan 2006
avg on time field not working ?

Hello,I've got 3 fields in my table all are in char(5).'03:02' as deb'03:06' as fin'00:04' as dureeI'm trying to calculate an average on the "duree" field but it fails.I first cast it as a time to calculate an average.cast(duree||':00' as time)and then try to get an averageselect CHAINE,avg(cast(duree||':00' as time))from dwhtrf.PO_SUIVI_DICZ group by CHAINE=> gives me invalid operation on an ansi datetime or interval ...How can i do that ?Thanks.

23 Jan 2006

Try this select CHAINE, avg (cast(trim(duree)||':00' as interval hour(4) to second (0) )) from dwhtrf.PO_SUIVI_DICZ group by CHAINE

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