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Robert Line 1 post Joined 04/09
05 May 2009
Automating packdisk and checktable?

Automating packdisk and checktable?Is there a way to use k shell to automate packdisk and checktable functions? If so can someone point me in the right direction for a template script?Thanks

teradata_dba 43 posts Joined 01/09
08 May 2009

yes thers a way in which you can automate.have u heard of CNSRUN utility.if no u can get it from the documents and then create a batch file and schedule it ...regardsTD_DBA


joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
08 May 2009

As an example, to run packdisk, first you need to decide what is the criteria on which u need to pick the tables to pack .The below command will list tables occupying more than 100 cylinders with an FSP of 50, and if packed to an FSP of 25 , returning at the least 10 cylinderscnsrun -utility ferret -commands '{ENABLE SCRIPTMODE} {SHOWF -a -c 100 -d 25 -m 50 -r 10} {Y} {QUIT}' -debug 1 > ferr.opyou can then use this output, do some shell greek and generate a packdisk script which looks like this ...ENABLE SCRIPTMODESHOWSSCOPE TABLE "MYDB1.TABL1" 0 PACKDISK FSP = 25 YSCOPE TABLE "MYDB2.TAB2" 0 PACKDISK FSP = 25 Y...SCOPE TABLE ALLSHOWSQUITAnd run packdisk using the above script.cnsrun -utility ferret -file packDiskScrip.txt -debug 1By reducing the number of table you actually run packdisk on, you end up reducing the runtime as well as resource usage ...

Mcdonald_t 4 posts Joined 01/12
12 Jun 2012

Where do I download theĀ  GSCTOOLS ?

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