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Pandits4 1 post Joined 11/15
15 Nov 2015
Auto E-mail to the end user after creation of user

Hi all,
I wanted to know if i can use any code to send an auto generated e-mail containing the password to the end user after his/her Teradata user is created?
Also i have a stored procedure which when called creates a user but ,the password is to be sent manually,can I make any modifications with that stored procedure or write another script for sending an auto generated e-mail with password in it. Please let me know if anybody has an idea about the same.
Thank you in advance.

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
18 Nov 2015

I guess doing this via a script is the easiest way.
The Teradata Python module would be a good choise for this. It allows you easy SQL generation, SQL execution and further processing (like sending the email).
I wrote a short demo for this. You can find it at
The create user parameter will be specified in an ini file.
The password is created and after the user is created send via email to the user.  Not even the DBA will see the password as long as the script is not changed (by sending also blind copies) and the log level is not changed...

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