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Ian Russell 11 posts Joined 08/10
22 Mar 2016
ASE & AMPUsage - for ALL users

I wish to standardise the ASE for ALL users so that when I move AMPUsage out of DBC into our history database I can split out the ASE values into their own columns - &S&D&H.
There are a few system users (TDWM, Console, DBC, Sys_Calendar, etc) that will be affected by this.
1) Is there any risk from doing this (I have checked that ferret still works after making this change, TDWM classifies on name)
2) How can I modify the Account String for DBC (it is not possible to grant drop user to DBC to issue a MODIFY USER)
AMPUsage captures more CPU than DBQL so I would like to have one place with all this data and also not have any missing data.
Accept that DBC should not be logging on but if it is I want to capture it and report on it.

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